Lindau German Shepherds is a small breeding kennel that emphasizes the total German Shepherd Dog. 
The breeding aim is to produce structually sound dogs with an emphasis on the Standard in looks and character. 
The working ability of the breed has always been of utmost importance.  A look at all the Champion--Obedience--Herding--Rally--Tracking titles garnered over the years by the Lindau dogs
will prove what Lindau is all about.
"A sound mind in a sound and beautiful body" is what has always driven the Lindau  breeding program.
Lindau German Shepherds is located on 10 acres of trees and grass in the city of Thunder Bay.  Large areas have been fenced for the enjoyment of the dogs.
A view of the back of the house where all Lindau pups and adults get a chance to romp and play.
Back forest where the dogs can enjoy roughing it winter or summer.
Melissa, my niece romping with Night in the front yard.
The side dog yard in the winter.
A back view of the kennel.
A back view of the kennel.
A view of the whelping Room where all Lindau puppies get a good start on their life.
Pictured Zoe with the " C" Litter.