Ch Lindau's Colour of the Night  CDX TDX UTD RE TT CGN HCT HT
OVC 008498 H+E
                                          SIRE: Am Ch Ich Dean von Haus Aye
                                                     OFA G 52859F30M-T/EL4852
                                           DAM: Lindau's Wild Jasmine OVC 002718 H+E
Night, my special black girl, came from a litter of 7 girls-5 blacks and  2 sables and 1 black male. She is a very social, outgoing happy girl. Night as a black, finished her Championship easily and  has moved on to the "fun" things in life.  She is now retired, but still enjoying life at 12 1/2..
Ch Lindau's Elusive HS JHD TD OVC 018822 H&E
SIRE:  MV Ch Nobler's The Thunder Rolls ROMC
                                    OFA GS53649G25M-T
DAM: Ch Lindau's Colour of the Night CDX TDX UTD RE TT HCT                                  CGN     OVC 008498 H+E
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Ella is pictured at 21 months of age.  She  finished her Championship with a BW at the Auld Lang Syne show Jan  2004. She is an awesome Herding Dog  and  thoroughly enjoys "those wonderful sheep".
   Ch. Lindau's Heaven Will Wait HT JHD
                   OVC 0024806 H&E

SIRE: MV Am Can Ch Lindenhill's Hayabusa
                              OFA GS 61701G25M
DAM: Ch Lindau's With All My Heart CD TD HT
                              OVC 010314 H&E
Halle is a large, darkly pigmented girl.  She is enthusiastic and eager to please.  Most of her Championship points were garnered from the Junior Puppy class. She was Reserve Futurity~~ Central Region.  She lives with Corinne Otto.
Ch Lindau's Absolute Sinsation
              OVC 0028591 H&E

SIRE: Ch Lindau's Endeavour  HIC OVC 018569
DAM: Ch Lindau's With All My Heart CD TD HT ROMC
                               OVC 010314 H&E
Zoe became a Champion from the Junior Puppy class at 7 month of age at the GSDC of Canada Regional Specialty by going BW and BP under Judge Michel Chaloux. 
  Ch Lindau's Thief of Our Hearts HIC
                               OVC 0031379 H&E

SIRE: Select Am Can Ch Multiple 9X BIS
                     Lindau's Thief of All Hearts TT ROMC
                                OFA GS 59035G24M-T/EL11304-T
DAM: Ch Lindau's Elusive HS JHD TD ROMC
                               OVC 018822 H&E
Nikki, 6th Champion from the Ella Stealer combination was Reserve Futurity Female and Reserve Maturity Female for the Central Region.
She lives with Christine and Walter Scott.
     Ch Lindau's In A Heartbeat TD ROMC
                        OVC 007832 H+E

SIRE: Am Ch Sel Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM/C
                         OFA GS42142G24M/EL4852
DAM: Ch Lindau's Heaven Can Wait TDX CD JHD
                          OVC 000096 H+E
Tessa is a large rich coloured girl with a bouncing effervescent personality. Tessa's ROMC progeny include
--Ch Lindau's Undaunted CDX TDX UTD RE HCT ROMC OVC
      --Ch Lindau's Untouched OVC H&E
         --Ch Lindau's Undeniably Ciarrah
           --Ch Lindau's Unsung Hero HIC CD OVC H&E

--Lindau's Unbridled TD
                --Lindau's Uncharted Course HCT JHD TDX UTD