"Morgen" Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD HIC ROMC
                                   OVC 009792 H+E
Morgen Best In Maturity
Central Region
Judge:Horst  King
June 1989.
Morgen masquerading as a bunny.
Morgen Best Veteran
Judge: Dawn Sanderson
September 3, 1995. 
Earlier that day 
Best of Breed and Group 1.
This was Morgens last show, before her retirement.
Morgen Best of Breed and Group 1st Her 6 month old daughter Keri winners female for 5 points and
Best Puppy in Group
Judge: Denny Kodner.
Group First Best In Show Judge :Hazel Slaughter  1991.
                                                                   Am Sel Ch Doppelt-Tays Hawkeye ROM
                                                     Can Ch Sel Am Ch Lochwoods Sundance v Stuttgart OFA
                                                                     Am Ch Lochwoods Zaja
                                    3XSel Am Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM OFA 71841 H+E
                                                                     Am Sel Ch Doppelt-Tays Hawkeye ROM
                                                      Am Ch Caprice's Kitty Hawk OFA 9939-T
                                                                     Galewynd's TNT of Gan Edan

Ch Rio Valle's Musketeer ROMC OFA 13777-T
Am Can Ch GV Lance of Fran-Jo ROM/C OFA401
                                                      Can Ch Sel Am Ch Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM/C OFA
                                                                     Cobert's Melissa ROM
                                   Dolmar's Megan of Springrock OFA 8984
                                                                     Am Ch Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM OFA 1374
                                                      Eko-Lan's Rhyme ROM
                                                                      Eko-Lan's Quella

BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD ROMC OVC 009792 H+E
Bodo von Katzenkopf SchH 1 AD
                                                      Am Can Sel Am Ch Caralon's Hein v Lockenheim ROM
                                                                      Hella v d Spessartheide AD OFA 362
                                    Am Ch Caralon's Phantom v Lebarland ROMC OFA 5873
                                                                      Am Sel GV Ch Wlhelm a d Winterzeit
                                                       Heather Hill's Fleeting Image
                                                                      Duncaro's Bee of Emerald Hill

Ch Lindau's Phantom Dawn CD ROMC OVC 008540
Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM OFA8400
                                                      Am Sel Ch Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM/C OFA 9806
                                                           GV Am Ch Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill ROM OFA5097
                                     Ch & OT Ch Heide-Marie von Lindau UD ROMC OVC 4423
                                                                      Am Ch Nocturne's Hale of Krisselhof OFA 3510
                                                      Ch Cyriesa von Iserbrunn CDX OVC 788
                                                                      Ch Dutch Hill Lureen v Iserbrunn SDX ROMC OVC
Morgen 3 months old.
Moren's show career bagan as a puppy.  She won four Best Puppy in Groups and numerous Puppy in Breed.  Morgen finished her Championship at 1 year and 5 days of age.  She has about 20 Group Firsts to her credit and numerous Seconds and Thirds.  Her career was toped off with a BEST IN SHOW under Hazel Slaughter .  She came out of retirement for one show in 1995 at 8 years of age to win another Group First and the Veterans Competion. Morgen comleted her TD and CD in 1992----her CDX in 1995 and her ROMC requirements in 1993----4 Champions--1CDX --1TDX--3TD--
2 Regional Maturity Dogs--- all from only
one litter whelped in 1989.puppy
Morgen with her obedience trophy.