Elmgrove's Casey at Bat OFA GS38505G24M/EL3451M24
                       FV Ch Woodside Kennedy Echolane OFA GS48501G27M/EL6827
                                       Echolane Jenna v Woodside ROMC OFA GS38945G24F/EL3606F24
           MV Ch Nobler's The Thunder Rolls ROMC OFA GS53649G25M-T
                                       Surigo's Kalibre for Santiago TC OFA GS23109G25M
                       BIS Sel Ch Santiago's Satin Sin v A-Lyn ROMC HC TT
                                      Windigail's Holiday
Ch Lindau's Endeavour HIC OVC 018569
                                      Am Ch Asgard's Coq au Vin OFA GS37398F24M/EL8102
                       Am Ch Ich Dien von Haus Aye OFA GS52859F30M/EL7825-T
                                      Kalilynne's Jena v Pana Negra OFA GS42758G40F/EL4835F40
           Ch Lindau's Colour of the Night CDX TDX RE TT HCT CGN OVC 008498 H+E
                                     BIS Ch Lindau's Earth Quake OVC AA8145 H+E
                      Lindau's Wild Jasmine OVC 002718 H+E
                                     Ch Lindau's Waterford Crystal TD
Ch Lindau's Absolute Sinsation
                                   2X Sel Am Ch San-Jo's Eastern Express ROM
                      Am Ch Jo-San's Enterprise ROM
                                    Am Sel Can Ch Echolane's Jo-San's Eve ROM OFA GS24017G28F
          4X Sel Am Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM/C OFA GS 42142G24M/EL4852
                                     Can Am GV Can Am Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM/C
                                                  OFA GS20822G24M/El1152
                      Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM OFA GS32286627F/EL1641
                                    Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet OFA
Ch Lindau's With All My Heart CD TD HT ROMC OVC 010314 H&E
                                    Echolane's Hunter v Woodside OFA GS33710G26M-T/EL2622
                     Am Can Ch Sel Woodside's van Halen OFA GS35995G24M/EL2648
                                    Woodside Onlyfire Windigail OFA GS36015F71F/EL2673
        Ch Lindau's Heaven Can Wait TDX CD HS JHD CGN OVC 000096 H&E
                                    Ch Lindau's Phantom Jet OVC 009975 H&E
                    4XBIS Ch Lindau Breezwae Midnight Echo TD OVC AA0721 H&E
                                    BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 008540
6 weeks old
10 weeks old
3 months old
Ch Lindau's Absolute Sinsation CDX TDX HT JHD RE CGN
                                                     OVC 0028591 H&E
Zoe,  18 months of age.
OVC 0028591 H&E
Zoe 2
Zoe two years of age.
Zoe at 3 years~~a Babe in the Woods.
Date of Birth December 12, 2003
Zoe 1