"Dante" Ch Lindau's Undaunted CDX TDX UTD RE HCT
                  CGN     OVC 012287 H+E
Dante Championship in 2002
     Am Can Ch Covy-Tucker Mordecai Nordlicht ROM
                                                              OFA GS19458F26M
                                Am Can Ch Jimeni's Montego
                                           Ken-Delaine's Solitare
                     AOE Sel Am Can Ch Bredwel Jakester of Joelle CD TC
                                                             OFA GS40961F38M-T/EL4269-T
                                           Ch Morningold's Guaranteed Return CD ROMC OFA GS
                               Ch Morningold's Ibex CD
                                            Morningold's Lady Morgan
AOE Am Can Sel Am Can Ch Joelle's Alvin v Norberge CD TC
                                                            OFA GS58079F24-T/EL10912-T
                                            Sel Am Ch Ken-Delaine's Master Charge ROM
                                                            OFA GS37028F37M/EL2970
                               Norberge's Charge Him To Me TC HIC CGC
                                            Norberge's Betzi Jo
                    Norberge's Edie
                                            AOE Sel Am Can Ch Omega's American Express PT HT TC
                                                                OFA GS39053G26M-T/EL 3651T
                               Norberge's Sweetie
                                           Am Ch Norberge's Allegro Vivace
Ch Lindau's Undaunted CDX TDX UTD RE CGN HCT ROMC
                                                                OVC 012287 H+E

                                            2 X Sel Am Ch San-Jo's Eastern Express ROM
                              Am Ch Jo-San's Enterprise ROM
                                           Am Can Ch Echolane's Jo-San's Eve ROM/C OFA GS24017628F
                   4X Sel Am Can Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM OFA GS42142G24M/EL4852
                                           Can Am GV Can Am Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM/C
                                                                                         OFA GS20822G24M/EL1152
                            Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM OFA GS32286627F/EL2648
                                           Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet
Ch Lindau's In A Heartbeat TD OVC 007832 H+E
                                           Echolane's Hunter of Woodside OFA GS33710G26M/EL2622
                           Can Am Ch Sel Woodside's van Halen OFA GS35995624M/EL2648
                                          Woodside's Onlyfire Windigail ROMC OFA GS36015F71F/EL2673
                  Ch Lindau's Heaven Can Wait TDX CD JHD HS CGN OVC 000096 H+E
                                          Ch Lindau's Phantom Jet OVC 009975 H+E
                           4XBIS Ch Lindau Breezwae Midnight Echo TD OVC AA0721 H+E
                                           BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 009792 H+E
Dante Best Maturity Male--Central Region-- June 9, 2002  Judge: Jennifer Root,
Handler: Jack Kilgour.
Dante  Handsome Masculine
All Male 
handsome ~masculine
Dante with breeder-owner Sigrid Appelt
Dante 2