10 weeks
3 weeks
3 months
Halle ~~ 6 months
Dryden Dog Fanciers
first set of points.
Ch.Lindau's Heaven Will Wait HT JHD OVC 0024806 H&E
Halle finished her Championship the last day she was a puppy,
at the Argus February 2004 show.
Handler: Tony Redfern-Pucci.
Cheryl Myers-Egeton
                                 Woodhaven's Ashley
                    Sel Am Ch Woodhaven's In Search Of ROM
                                   Kolbrook's Leigh of Woodhaven
          Am Ch Rosewood's Adonis of Anne-Isle OFA GS50986G24M/EL7840M24
                                  MV/Sel Am Ch Ken-Delaine's Mastercharge ROM
                                                      OFA GS37028F37M/EL2970M37
                    Rosewood's Madonna OFA GS41397G24F/EL4407F24
                                   Gorlin's Many A Memory OFA GS32606G31F/EL1731F31
BIM Am Can Ch Select 2 Lindenhills's Hayabusa OFA GS61701G25M
                                 FV MV 2X Sel Am Ch Hoheneichen's Flag ROM/C
                    Am Ch Rimfires Ivan of Von-Way OFA GS37582G32M/EL3151M32
                                   Am Ch Von-Ways Las Vegas ROM OFA
          Lindenholl's Yakuza
                                   2X Sel Am ch Hoheneichen's Magnum ROM
                    Lindenhill's Dreamy Mimi
                                   Lindenhill's World Series
Ch Lindau's Heaven Will Wait HT JHD OVC 002486 H&E
                                  2X Sel Am Ch San-Jo's Eastern Express ROM
                   Am Ch Jo-San's Enterprise ROM
                                  Am Sel Can Ch Echolane's Jo-San's Eve ROM OFA GS24017G28F
           4XSel Am Ch Kismet's Heart Throb ROM/C OFA GS42142G24M/EL4852
                                  Can Am GV Can Am Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM/C
                                                   OFA GS 20822G24M/EL1152
                   Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM OFA GS32286627F/EL1641
                                  Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet OFA
Ch Lindau's With All My Heart CD TD HT OVC 010314 H&E
                                   Echolane's Hunter v Woodside OFA GS33710G26M-T/EL2622
                    Am Can Ch Sel Woodside's van Halen OFA GS35995G24M/EL2648
                                   Woodsides's Onlyfire Windigail OFA GS36015F71F/EL2673
          Ch Lindau's Heaven Can Wait TDX CD HS JHD CGN OVC 000096 H&E
                                   Ch Lindau's Phantom Jet OVC 009975 H&E

     4XBIS Ch Lindau Breezwae Midnight Echo TD OVC AA0721 H&E
                                 BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 008540
Reserve Futurity Female
Judge: Trish McGonigal
Handler: antonio Redfern-Pucci
Central Region 2004..
Best of Breed and Best Canadian Bred Judge: Michel Chaloux
Handler: Antonio Redfern-Pucci
Regional Specialty 2004.
Halle most recent accomplishments:
HT--Herding Tested
JHD--Junior Herding Dog
one leg on HS--Herding Started title
Halle is now retired and lives with
Corinne Otto
living the "Good Life."
She and her buddy "Chance"
enjoy each others company
where of course,
Halle is "The Boss."