4X Sel Am Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/C OFA 11841 H+E
                              5X Sel Am Ch Hoheneichen Conan Survival ROM?C OFA GS22503-F24M-T
                                                      Hoheneichen's Bliss
               Am Ch Asgard's Coq au Vin OFA GS37398F24M/EL8102
                                                      2X Sel Am Ch Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM OFA GS17831
                              Am Ch Langenau's Coceau of Jahn-D
                                                      Brasbans Fame v Langenau
Am Ch Ich Dien von Haus Aye OFA GS52859F30M/EL7825-T
                                                      Am Sel Am Ch Maverick of Bob-Lyn ROM
                              Am Ch Toras Ghostrider
                                                      Nike Clayfield Champagne OFA GS21772E24F
               Kalilynne's Jena v Pana Negra OFA GS42758G40F/EL4835F40
                                                      3X Sel Am Ch Deannson's on Broadway CD SchH 1
                              Pana Negra v Stabsparrenstab
                                                      Plamarck's Charo

Ch Lindau's Colour of the Night CDX TDX UTD RE CGN HCT TT
                     CGN ROMC       
OVC 008498 H+E
Am Ch Earth Wind & Fire of Edan CD ROM
                              Am GV Am CH Bethesda's Earth of Jada Edan
                                                Si Don's Tenille of Bethesda ROM
               Ch Lindau's Earth Quake OVC AA8145 H+E
                                                Ch Lindau's Phantom Jet OVC 009975 H+E
                              Ch Lindau's Midnight Escapade OVC AA4980 H+E
                                                BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 009792 H+E
    Lindau's Wild Jasmine OVC 002718 H+E
                                                Ch Rio Valles Musketeer ROMC OFA 13777-T
                              Ch Lindau's Dawn Venturer OVC 011227 H+E
                                                Ch Lindau's Phantom Dawn CD ROMC OVC 008540
               Ch Lindau's Waterford Crystal TD
                                                 Ch Beau-Geste von Lindau CD ROMC OVC 4728
                              Ch Lindau's Crystal Design CD OVC 008539 H+E
                                                  Del-Deana von Iserbrunn
"Night"  Ch Lindau's Colour of the Night TDX UTD CDX RE CGN HCT TT
                                                    ROMC       OVC 008498 H&E
Night masquerading
      as ET
The two "tiggers"
Melissa 13 years
and Night 13  months
July 2000.
Night enjoying the forest October  2001
sire "Dean"
Night's Dam
Night 10 weeks
Night & Sigrid 
September 2003
Night 2
~Night ~
March 2008
High In Class
Judge: Louise Botko
Rally Excellent
March 2008

High In Class
Judge: Lori Stecky
an extra leg in
Rally Excellent
Third In Class
Judge: Sharlene Manderson
Night & Dante
Rally Advanced
Sept 2007
Night & Dante
Rally Novice
June 2007