Lindau's Rainbowbridge
h Lindau's WaterfordCrystal  TD JH
SIRE: Ch Lindau's Dawn Venturer OVC 011227
DAM: Ch Lindau's Crystal Design CD OVC 008539
OWNER: Sigrid Appelt
                     May 31, 1992~September 24, 2001
Erica was a substantial golden sable. 
She was used extensivelly as a Junior Handling dog by Glen Godwin and Melissa Appelt.
As such, of course her temperament was calm and she was easy to set up. 
Erica had
one litter of four pups. Three became Champions with the fourth having 6 points.  Erica passed away of Lymphoma.  She is greatly missed.
BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn      CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 009792 H+E
SIRE: Ch Rio Valle's Musketeer ROMC
          OFA 13777-T H+E
DAM: Ch Lindau's Phantom Dawn CD ROMC
          OVC 008540
OWNER: Sigrid Appelt         
                       July 17, 1987~ May 24, 2000
Morgen was a large effervesent girl who loved the show ring.  She was a gentle ruler and always aimed to please. Her show carreer included many group wins with a Best In Show crowning her career. 
  Ch Lindau's Midnight Silhouette
           TDX CDX CGC HCT
OVC AA0720 H+E
SIRE: Ch Lindau's Phantom Jet OVC 009975 H+E
DAM: BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn
          CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 009792
OWNER: Sigrid Appelt

                           July 9, 1989~Feb 22, 1999

Sila was my special black girl.  She was my soul mate and companion. We competed in show and obedience, tracking and herding.
Because of her, I will always have one black girl.
Ch Lindau's Crystal Design CD
OVC 008539 H+E
SIRE: Ch Beau Geste von Lindau CD OVC 4728
DAM: Del-Deana von Iserbrunn
OWNER: Sigrid Appelt

April 2, 1984~July 2 1998
Chrissy was a gorgeous redhead.  She is pictured here at 10 1/2 years.  Her red faded a bit with the years but she was never gray muzzled.  She was an alpha and ruled the Lindau household.  To the end she was demanding and confident.  What she wanted she got ---was she spoiled---oh yes. 
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