2X Sel Am Ch Langenau's Beau of Jeanden ROM OFA GS17831G
                              2X Sel Am Ch San-Jo's Eastern Express ROM
                                           2X Sel Am Ch San-Jo's Amanda
                    Am Ch Jo-San's Enterprise ROM
                                            Am GV Can Am Sel Ch Woodside's Nestle's Quik v Merwestyn ROM/C AOE
                                                                                          HT OFA GS186946
                              Am Sel Can Am Ch Echolane's Jo-San's Eve ROM OFA GS24017G28F
                                            Jo-San's Wild Rose
4X Sel Can Am Ch Kismet's Heart Throb OFA GS 42142G24M/EL4852
                                            Proven Hill's Obi Wan
                              Can Am GV Can Am Ch Proven Hill's Banker of Altana TC ROM/C
                                                                                    OFA GS 20822G24M/EL1152
                                             Kolbrook's Favorite Decision
                    Kismet's Sweetheart Deal ROM OFA GS32286627F/EL1641
                                             Am GV 2X Sel Am Ch Kismet's Impulse v Bismark ROM OFA
                              Pinebuck's Myra of Kismet
                                             Pinebuck's Harlot
Am Can Ch Cn Sel Lindau's Thief of All Hearts TT ROMC OFA GS59035G24M/EL11304-T
                                             Woodside's Times v Windigail
                              Echlane's Hunter v Woodside OFA GS33710G26M-T/EL2622
                                              Am Can Ch Echlane's Jo-San's Eve ROM/C OFA GS 24017628F
                    Can Am Ch Woodside's van Halen OFA 35995G24M/EL2648
                                              2X Sel Am Can Ch Nike Clayfiel Andretti ROM/C OFA GS24352G43M-T
                              Woodside Onlyfire Windigail OFA 36015F71F/EL2673
                                               Marwades Guinivere-Isis ROMC
Ch Lindau's Heaven Can Wait CD TDX JHD HS CGN OVC 000096 H+E
                                               Am Ch Caralon's Phantom v Lebarland ROMC OFA 5873
                              Ch Lindau's Phantom Jet OVC009975 H+E
                                                Ch & OT Ch Heide-Marie von Lindau UDT TT HIC ROMC OVC 4423
                    4X BIS Ch Lindau Breezwae Midnight Echo TD OVC AA0721 H+E
                                                Ch Rio Valles Musketeer ROMC OFA 13777-T H+E
                              BIS Ch Lindau's Northern Dawn CDX TD HIC ROMC OVC 009792 H+E
                                                Ch Lindau's Phantom Dawn CD ROMC OVC 008540
9X BIS Am Can Ch Can Select Lindau's Thief of All Hearts TT
ROMC OFA GS59035G24M/ EL11304-T
Stealer 10 weeks
5 weeks
Stealer 3 1/2 months
Stealer 2
Stealer has had quite an illustrious career on both sides of the border.
2 BIS from his Senior years & a BISS at 8 YEARS OF AGE 2006
Best Opposite In Futurity GSDC of Canada  1999
Reserve Best In Maturity
GSDC Of Canada 2000
#3 Futurity/Maturity Sire in Canada 2001
Canadian Select 2001
Canadian Select 2003
Temperament Test Sept. 2003 at The Canadian National
Numerous American and Canadian Specialty Best of Breed wins
Top Shepherd in Show 2002
#5 Herding Dog in Canada 2002
A Junior Handler Dog
Stealer has  met the
ROMC requirements.
A special Thank You to Lori Nickeson of DeBrut kennels for the CD on her Stealer son ~~
Am Ch Debrut's The Shadow Knows UDX NA RE
Can CD "Monty".

            Lori and Monty completed Stealer's ROMC!!!!!!
         "Monty" was the
American Obedience Victor for 2007
Also special Thank You to all the wonderful breeders who bred to Stealer and showcassed his progeny.
ALL OF YOU~~~~Stealer's ROMC would not have been possible!!!!!!!
of Stealer's
9 Best In Shows